Data Scientist at AI Startup

13 августа 2019    78

● 1+ years of experience with Machine Learning / Deep Learning (including Kaggle and non-commercial projects)
● Experience with deep learning frameworks, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, or Caffe
● Experience using Python to solve ML problems (Pandas, NumPy)
● Experience with NLP methods and libraries (spaCy, Gensim, other)
● Strong understanding of machine learning principles

● A degree in math, statistics, or computer science
● Online coursework or certifications in data science

*** A unique opportunity to join a well-funded start-up at the earliest stages and grow with us ***

+ The MOST interesting projects
+ The LEAST bureaucratic environment
+ The MOST fun, collaborative co-workers

● Competitive salary, commensurate with experience
● Русскоговорящий коллектив
● Long-term employment, work only on our own products (no clients or outsourcing)
● Powerful GPU-enabled servers dedicated to model training
● Potential for international travel to US

● Design and implement deep learning models in Python, primarily in NLP domain
● Find creative solutions to AI challenges using the latest methods in machine learning
● Improve accuracy of existing deep learning methods and models
● Follow latest research in machine learning, apply it to current challenges

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