Data Engineer

23 июня 2020    50

As an engaged and application-oriented data engineer, you will implement a state-of-the-art biotech software concentrating on data repository and collaborative analytics functionalities at mid- to large biotech companies. You will leverage their current data infrastructure and align with Exputec’s architecture in order to successfully deploy the software to the customer.

Principle Roles & Responsibilities

  • Assist clients with the installation of the inCyght software on their Linux and Windows-based IT infrastructure. This may proceed via SSH access, web-conference, remote desktop, or on-site visit.
  • Assist client in access to SaaS solution via registration and guidance.
  • Respond to all software-deployment related questions from IT to ensure that the software is correctly installed and confgured.
  • Write Python scripts that will import data from different data sources into the inCyght software. The raw data may be present as fles (xlsx, csv, pdfs) or in form of other databases.
  • Confgure software for client when needed via web-conference, on-site visit, or temporary access behind clients firewall. This includes user management, folder crawling, and basic project management in development dashboard.

Areas & Skills of Focus

  • Hands-on experience of Linux and Windows based IT systems
  • Python
  • Unit and integration testing
  • Docker
  • SQL
  • Web APIs
  • Cloud instance set-up and confguration (AWS, Azure)
  • IT / Customer support
  • English business proficient

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