Data Engineer

13 февраля 2019    42

* Proficient in SQL, specially with Postgres dialect.
* Expertise in Python for developing and maintaining data pipeline code.
* Experience with Apache Spark and PySpark library (experience with AWS extension of PySpark is a plus).
* Experience with BI software (preferably Metabase or Tableau).
* Experience with Hadoop (or similar) Ecosystem.
* Experience with deploying and maintaining data infrastructure in the cloud (experience with AWS preferred).
* Comfortable working directly with data analytics to bridge business requirements with data engineering

* Owner of the core company data pipeline, responsible for scaling up data processing flow to meet the rapid data growth
* Consistently evolve data model & data schema based on business and engineering needs
* Implement systems tracking data quality and consistency
* Develop tools supporting self-service data pipeline management (ETL)
* SQL and MapReduce job tuning to improve data processing performance

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