Cyber Security Advisors / Consultant

29 октября 2019    40

▪ Bachelor of Computer Science degree or equivalent work experience.
▪ Minimum of 5 years of directly related risk management and cyber security experience, with at least 3 years of information security experience.
▪ Minimum of 2 years of leadership experience.
▪ Certifications in one or more of the following: CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) or CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
▪ Experience in large scale, enterprise-wide security intrusion monitoring, detection, and
incident remediation activities.
▪ Expert knowledge of cybersecurity trends, technologies, and their applicability to the
telecommunications industry.
▪ Experience in enterprise risk management for partner-lead and cloud-based solutions.
▪ Experience in adapting a large organization from predominantly internal technology
solutions to more partner-lead and cloud-based solutions.
▪ Experience providing risk management solutions to an organization that offers anytime,
anywhere, any platform access to its people.
▪ Ability to be successful in a dynamic, disruptive and transformational organization.
▪ Strong understanding of the principles and techniques of security risk analysis.
▪ Ability to adapt in a dynamic work environment and make independent decisions.
▪ Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

During our 3 months of training and onboarding period, you will work with our core team in Montreal, Canada to gain a full-service understanding with the knowledge required for successful services development. All expenses will be covered.

▪ Manage and support cybersecurity operations and security architecture
▪ Design, implement and operate core Enterprise Security Architecture and Services
▪ Monitor enterprise environments for gaps in security controls and design and implement
remediation tasks
▪ Maintain and enhance security monitoring tools to improve security monitoring
▪ Work with Enterprise Security and Operational teams to improve Security practices
▪ Support and provide visibility to the custody, care, and control of all aspects of customer
and enterprise-wide data from threats both externally and internally.
▪ Support the security operational safeguards for the intellectual property and protection of all technology assets.
▪ Participate in Information security risk assessments, incident response, and investigation,
and provide remediation recommendations where required.
▪ Work with the broader Enterprise Security teams to ensure monitoring of existing
systems, and ensure compliance with security policies, activities, and standards.
▪ Support the adherence to security governance processes of the organization’s long-term
security strategy and risk management.
▪ Participate in the development of security strategies to mitigate risks arising from new
projects and changes to existing practices.

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