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WeavAir is recruiting a CTO to lead the development of software infrastructure and architecture for large-scale IoT sensor device data collection, aggregation, real-time processing, predictive modeling and visualization. The CTO is a key part of our team and is responsible for the development of innovative enterprise class applications. If you’ve got the skills and experience and want to work with our international team, please send your cover letter and CV today (natalia@weavair.com).
- Background in software engineering
- Background in big data processing, querying and storage as well as web applications performance optimization
- Experience with technical management in software product company
- Knowledge and expertise on cloud deployments
- Strong understanding of web application reliability strategies
- Strong understanding of hardware performance (including processor cores & IO throughput) and network performance (nodes communication through private network & internet).
- Strong understanding of IoT and web applications security, including hardware & software levels
- Experience creating dashboards and attractive data visualizations
- Experience developing APIs and SDKs
- Good English skills (oral and written)

- Experience with AI and ML solutions.
- Experience with CI/CD (including but not limited to version control)
- Familiarity with Google Analytics or similar analytics suites
- Basic understanding of user tracking technologies, including JavaScript and mobile platforms tracking
- Basic understanding of analytics methods and approaches, including slicing, sampling, forecasting and providing statistically significant results

- Opportunity to work with a global team in Canada, South Korea, Taiwan and Chile
- Flexible working hours/ remote days
- Free books and conferences
- Interesting tasks and challenges
- Opportunities for enhancement
- Friendly Environment
- Opportunity to make a positive impact
- Media exposure (if interested)
- Travel opportunities (if interested)
- Free English courses (if interested)

We’re looking for CTO to ensure delivery of high-quality analytical products to customers. This includes:
- Technical strategy planning and implementing, based on company strategy.
- Ensuring that the technological resources meet the company’s short and long-term needs
- Managing technology budgets and time frames
- Ensuring cost efficiency, high quality and delivery on time
- Hiring, training and assessing team
- Architectural plans assessment in terms of business value, cost efficiency, scalability and security
- Quality assurance, middleware and security management
- Communication with customers to understand their needs and generate the best solutions
- Staying on top of technology trends and developments, consistently evaluating and enhancing technical efficiency
- Ensuring all technology practices adhere to regulatory standards

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