C++ engineer — REMOTE

8 мая 2020    48

—  At least 5 years of full-time experience in developing applications with C++ and C
—  Experience architecting C++ applications
—  Deep understanding of design patterns, OOP, algorithms and data structures
—  Experience with Git or other version control systems
—  You are familiar with development lifecycle and CI/CD workflows
—  Solid knowledge of core frameworks: STL, Boost, Dlib, Glib, JSON++, pugixml.
—  Excellent understanding and experience in multithreading, memory management, and network communication
—  Experience in profiling applications, finding bottle necks in high load apps
—  Experience contributing into open sourced projects
—  You are self-driven, collaborative and willing to grow as an engineer/architect

— Experience with C++/ANSI C in iOS/Android applications
— Experience with OpenGL ES, scene rendering or game development
— You have experience building high-load full stack solutions and you understand backend API development principles, ideally — prior experience working with Java and Python based backends

— Challenging work in an international and professional environment
— Remote work
— Competitive compensation
— Possibility of long-term collaboration

— Designing the architecture, implementing, improving high-load C++ framework which includes custom-built music score viewer

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