29 января 2020    44

— Fluent English with impeccable grammar
— 3-4 years experience in writing copy for websites and advertisements for products or services
— Strong understanding of copywriting best practice
— Familiarity with digital marketing strategies and content strategies
— Strong interpersonal and communication skills
— Critical thinking

— Complete freedom with how you run your operation and structure your day. There is no set schedule — but do expect the work to be challenging and tough — and you will be held accountable for your results.

— Opportunity to work with unusual businesses and learn how successful entrepreneurs in the US, Canada, and the UK have built their companies.

— Strict focus on results-generating activities. You will only find yourself doing work that benefits the client and makes real difference to their business and no pretentious demos or “order-taker” style requirements collection.

— Seeing results from your work. You will take part in projects that fundamentally transform organizations and you will be in it from the start to the beginning.

— Fast paced and self-responsible environment — we are mature adults and don’t have a “kindergarten”-like environment in our operation.

— Rewards for results and accomplishments in the team. There will be a competitive base salary along with financial bonuses for completing projects successfully.

— Direct and transparent candidate selection process (see below).

— To develop communicative strategy for follow ups.
— To write for our clients’ and our own external communications including UX writing, product launches, surveys, website, emails, and more.
—To be a super storyteller to make your texts desirable and exciting for millions of people around this world.

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