Content Marketing Specialist

26 сентября 2018    28
Your quill is sharp, and your wit is sharper. You write for a living, but more importantly you can’t stop writing.  And you’re dang proud of your work, because you put your heart into it like Poe puts heart underneath floorboards.  

As much as you like writing, however, you know that what you really want to do is influence.  Your passion is a tool to change minds, change communities, change the world. You look at billboards and headlines and wonder, “what if they said it this way instead?”

Your talent has grown as you’ve taken on a few different roles, and now you’re armed not just with pen but with a military-grade scope, because you know how to target your message to the right audience--and the right audience to your message.  You love seeing tangible results from your work, and if you don’t, you recraft, experiment, and try again until you see the change you wanted.

We’re looking for a content marketer with that kind of drive to be the wise-yet-booming voice of Myagi.  In an age where stores and brands everywhere are losing business in droves, the solution is thus: to gain back trust of consumers not by lowering costs, but by elevating their shopping experience through turning employees into talented and confident experts.  It’s a change that’s good for more than business--it’s good for humanity.


Owning Myagi’s voice - you’re the editor-in-chief, and we defer to your expertise to make sure all content is on-brand

Working alongside the Demand Gen team to create content in various forms, such as:
  • Dynamic ads
  • Case studies
  • Ebooks
  • Infographics
  • Pop-up pages
  • Guest posts
  • Landing pages
  • Sales emails & automated drip messaging
  • In-app messages
  • Customizable video scripts/shoot ideas
  • & more!

Taking part ownership in Inbound Marketing by being the creator and distributor of things like:

  • Public releases to various media outlets
  • Homepage/website content + experiments
  • Industry-specific educational campaigns to drive inbound signups
  • Expanding upon & utilizing this influencer marketing network doc

Aiding the Network Growth team to generate:
  • Customer spotlights & success stories
  • Email drips to emotionally drive people to sign up
  • Product roundups (monthly email)
  • Product-related mass emails/in-app messages (possibly)


You have superb writing skills when targeting a retail audience, including:
  • The ability to narrow voice to address different brands, retailers, sales reps and consumers
  • A sure-fire “formula” for your own writing style - and why you’ve chosen it
  • A knack for surprising the unsurprisable, simplifying the complex, and making onions cry

You have strong knowledge of content distribution through various marketing channels
  • Social media, blog, newsletter, & the ability to find creative ways to implement more channels of distribution

You have an eye for what design complements your work and can keep on-brand when you craft your own imagery
  • Useful for dynamic ads, case studies, ebooks, infographics, pop-up pages, landing pages - most of the time working with pre-designed templates that might need minor customization in design tools like Photoshop & Indesign

You’ve worked in a marketing role for the last 3 years, and writing was your main responsibility


  • Experience writing for different cultures - we have presence in over 20 countries and manage 5 languages! We can translate, but being aware of cultural nuances is really important
  • An understanding of (and interest in) the business side of retail, especially the connection between brand and retailer
  • A strong opinion on Color-based personality tests like your great aunt shares on Facebook

About Myagi

    In short, Myagi is a venture-backed knowledge supply chain that connects brands and retailers through our network.  We enable brands to provide digital training directly to sales associates working in retail around the world. Retailers join our network, then invite their sales associates to take company training along with lessons from brands and world-renowned skills trainers that improves sales, company culture, and employee knowledge.

    We work with some of the biggest global brands and retailers such as Nike, Mizuno, Intersport, REI, Marriott, TGI Fridays, and thousands of others.  With your help, we will work with thousands more.

    What it's like to work with us

    Myagi is made up of awesome people from all over the world - we collaborate, challenge and have fun. Myagi values work-life balance and flexibility - we have trust in our team, so as long you give us your best work, we don’t care where you are or what time you do it. We support professional and personal development and promise to provide as many opportunities to help your career grow as our company grows. Overall, we’re focused on maintaining a culture that people feel proud to be a part of and stay for a while.

    A few of the perks

    People - We employ real humans to do real brain work - we value the intellectual tussle that comes with good engineering and thus, you'll work with some incredible people

    Travel - Want to go and work at one of our overseas offices for a month? No Problem - we love people to get a change of scenery if it helps their work. We also hold an annual offsite in a different location every year (last year we went to Italy!!)

    Vacation Time - 4 weeks of paid vacation, plus every public holiday off

    Education - Books, conferences, and training is all part of making you better, which makes us better, so win-win

    Money - Competitive Compensation including Employee Stock Ownership options & annual salary review

    Insurance: Health insurance for you and your family + 401k (Superannuation)

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