Computer Vision Engineer (English and German are required)

23 марта 2020    44

Full-time remote

About project:
The goal of the project is to develop a recommendation system to assist in picking out a suitable clothes
size, based on the 3D models of the customer and his clothes.
The project consists of:
— SaaS web-portal for retailers
— Customer interface for iOS

— Work experience on several projects with a focus on deep learning and numerical optimization for image processing/image reconstruction
— A degree in computer science with a focus on computer vision, graphics, machine learning, with solid fundamentals in the standard algorithms and a passion for new technologies
— Experience developing product-level computer vision algorithms
— Excellent 2D and 3D computer vision skills
— Excellent C/C++ programming skills
— Excellent software design, problem-solving and debugging skills
— Solid experience in image processing, a minimum of 3 years of experience
— Expertise in discrete optimization, algorithm development with 3D-geometry algebra
— Work experience in Machine Learning projects
— Experience with sensors (Kinect, depth camera, ToF camera) a plus
— Familiar with agile approaches such as Scrum, Kanban, and Test-Driven development
— Creative thinking, willingness and ability to learn quickly, explore new concepts and technologies and drive topics to their completion and success
— Attention to details combined with the ability to focus on the overall goal
— Team spirit, collaborative approach and good communication skills and positive attitude
— Good command of both English and German

— Conception, development of innovative algorithms for the processing of 3D data using body data in 3D
— Application of AI and machine learning/deep learning techniques

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