Cloud Architect

15 сентября 2021    38

Key Responsibilities:

  • Talk to Google and Amazon, for us to know about new useful staff, and for them to know about our problems
  • Help to design our systems using cloud services, both proactively and on team's requests
  • Answer complex cloud-related questions (by own expertise, experiments, relaying questions to the providers)
  • Optimize our cloud usage. Reservations, commitments, instance types, regions, service usage details
  • Take part in Infrastructure provider comparison/choice. How is Google compared to AWS, should consider Azure or on-premises etc
  • Prototype and sometimes build cloud-based systems (prototype to convince other teams how cool is it, build for internal team needs - usage and cost analysis etc)

​​Role Requirements:

  • Can talk to internal peers, our provider account teams, and cloud provider product teams when required. This is both able to talk to other human beings, and good enough English.
  • Have a good knowledge of how cloud services work in general, practical hands-on experience with GCP or AWS
  • Has prior infrastructure-related experience. Networks, operating systems. Should be able to set up and configure things, make them work.
  • Good programming skills. Language is not that relevant (Python, Go, Java will do)
  • Has prior experience working with large complex systems, can draw diagrams (pencil and napkin can do, format notations aren't required)

We offer you:

  • career opportunity within High Tech international company - one of the leaders in the Programmatic Marketing industry
  • open and approachable management team with strong engineering DNA (80% of Moscow office - engineers, managers and executives with technical background)
  • internal pathways for career development and professional growth, supported by Perfomance Management System
  • competitive compensation package
  • Corporate Health Insurance Program or Voluntary Insurance Program (VMI)
  • internal and external learning courses both for professional and soft skills development
  • English Corporate Programs
  • Relocation Program for you and your family from any region of Russia to Moscow office
  • full flexibility outside our core working hours 12:00-18:00
  • Referral Bonus Program
  • recognition of employee milestones.

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