Build Engineer — Linux (remote)

20 марта 2020    56
  • English Spoken/Written proficiency required
  • Previous exposure to a large-scale build/release environment, or equivalent experience in, for example, a development, devops or DBA role. Preferably with extensive database-related exposure
  • Experienced in Linux systems administration (file systems, hardware, and networking)
  • Good communicator & fluent in written and spoken English
  • Previous experience with make, cmake, cpack, yum & apt repositories
  • Proficiency in automating tasks, including shell scripting skills
  • Experience with at least one virtualization tool like KVM VirtualBox or VMWare
  • Proficiency with Docker and containerization
  • Ansible and/or other DevOps platforms
  • Experience with software testing methods and technologies
  • Proficient with PostgresSQL, MySQL, or other open source relational database
  • Amazon AWS EC2, CloudFormation, Spot Instances
  • Experience with Jenkins, GPG, JIRA, gdb, go
  • Proven success working in a distributed environment where email, Slack and voice calls are the only interactions with clients, colleagues and managers on a daily basis
  • Tertiary studies degree or certifications relevant to core skills
  • System administration skills for other operating systems
  • Some C/C++ Coding skills

  • Travel per year: 1 team meeting, usually 1 conference, more if desired
  • Create and maintain packaging for Redhat rpm based systems (yum/dnf) and Debian deb based systems (apt)
  • Develop and automate tests for products and packages
  • Assist with internal and external build/packaging/release related projects
  • Assist clients with implementing various items relating to their build environment
  • Monitor, log, analyze, and fix packaging related bugs
  • Further automate the current build processes/tasks and packaging testing setup
  • Resolve issues with internal repositories & implement new repositories as needed
  • Integrate new products and 3rd party softwares into Percona packages as needed
  • Design & implement solutions for package interdependencies
  • Evaluate new build/packaging/release solutions as needed
  • Assist with packaging setup/method review & overhaul

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