Backend developer (full time/ remote)

12 марта 2020    92

About the role
Are you a highly skilled Ruby Engineer, but bored working on routine projects? Are you eager to join a fast growing startup? With the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime? Do you wish to feel ownership of a product that is used on a daily basis by thousands of users? Then this opportunity is for you! Your mission is to develop and maintain a product that helps our dozens of staffing agencies and thousands of workers to grow their business.

Competencies 🤘
· You get excited about good quality code and engineering quests
· You have good knowledge about API Design and performance optimization
· You understand the trade-offs between technical, analytical and product goals

Accountabilities 👌
· Be ready to release new functionality every two weeks. Lead time ~ 2 weeks
· Identifying technical debt sources, estimating the amount of added development time and fixing part of it every release. 10% time is spent on annihilating tech debt in every release
· Reduce the number of bugs reported. No critical bugs in a release that led to downtime. Uptime 99%

Some of the things we need help with are: optimize DB load, implement proper caching, migrate to latest Ruby on Rails (we are using 5.2 but want to use the awesome features from Rails 6), time zones? We’re struggling with that, maybe you can fix it?

Our techstack ⚙
· Tech stack: React.js, Ruby on Rails
· Infrastructure: AWS + Kubernetes
· AWS services: ELB, EC2, RDS, S3, SQS, SNS

What we’re looking for 🦄
· 4+ years experience developing scalable backend with Ruby on Rails
· Experience in building RESTful services, working with message queues, and batch processing applications
· Experience with the AWS ecosystem
· Experience with relational databases
· Self Starter and a Positive Attitude
· Our offices are based in Amsterdam, Product development is based in Kiev but you don’t have to be per se; the role in remotely

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