Back-end Developer (Node.JS)

7 ноября 2019    40


We are looking for an optimistic and resilient engineer who has developed markedly complex services in Javascript or Typescript. You would have been involved with platforms and services that perform and scale well on the cloud and you also enjoy discussing complex engineering topics. We are a small Engineering team, relying on tools like GitHub and Slack to keep us communicating efficiently. We also rely on architectural principles and guidelines to ensure our colleagues can pick up our work in the future, if necessary.

This is what you'd be doing:

  • Drafting and developing prototypes
  • Getting features production ready
  • Rub virtual shoulders with Product
  • Leveraging and evolving our standards
  • Avoiding pitfalls and learning from failures
  • Communicating your needs clearly and responsibly 
  • Owning Service Lifecycle
  • Positively adding to our culture

Main requirements

  • One or more programming languages (5 years is about right)
  • Server side JavaScript/TypeScript with Node.js
  • Developing applications for the cloud (Google Cloud in our case)
  • Storage: Redis, SQL, MongoDb

Nice to have

  • Experience with Prometheus and Grafana or other monitoring systems
  • Interest in Serverless functions (Google Cloud Functions) and containers (Google Cloud Run)
  • Exposure to Dependency Injection
  • Experience with micro-services and Message Bus architectures 
  • Appetite for Golang
  • Exposure to PCI-DSS compliance


Flexible working, holidays, health insurance (UK)

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