Android developer

8 января 2020    36

Proficient developing native applications for Android (3+ years)
Proficient in Java and Kotlin development
Strong experience in UI/UX design
Proven record of creating commercial quality software
Experience programmatically interacting with device hardware including GPS, NFC, camera, accelerometer, and/or microphone
Experience with RESTful APIs using XML, JSON, and other data formats
Experience with testing frameworks and integrating regression testing/writing unit tests
Experience with source control systems such as Git
Some experience with hybrid mobile frameworks (Cordova, Ionic 3, React Native, etc...)
Some experience with front-end/web languages and frameworks (JavaScript/Typescript, Angular 4/5, NPM)
Ability to understand and maintain existing complex code bases
Ability to design and develop back-end services to support mobile applications (i.e. Node, Docker, etc...)
Experience with Kotlin Coroutines, Andriod navigation, Retrofit, Moshi, OkHttp, Room and Dragger.

Understanding of agile software development
Experience writing technical documentation

Контракт на удаленную работу над мобильным приложением Американской компании которое отвечает за охрану и безопасность домов, систему умного дома. Контракт на постоянное сотрудничество.

Roles & Responsibilities:
Migrating a current hybrid mobile app to a new native application, using industry best practices
Writing code coverage and unit tests for the new native application
Creating custom themed versions of the new native application
Adding additional features to the existing hybrid mobile application
Identify next actions, communicate intent, and execute. We’re a fast-paced team, so a results-driven mentality is critical.
Self-starter, self-teacher. Our team is made up of driven, largely self-taught engineers. A constant thirst to build your knowledge base is critical. We would also expect to be learning a lot from you.
Ownership thinking. Can take ownership and make decisions. Passion and self-motivation are key. We don’t micromanage, you’ll be expected to own and deliver.
The desire to build something great and bring technical solutions to people to solve their problems.
Work on bug fixing and improving application performance.
Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

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