A-Players Talent Sourcer

6 ноября 2020    36

1. Deep knowledge in sourcing for tech roles:
— 1+ years of experience sourcing. Experience in the Tech industry is a plus.
-Experience with different sourcing tools and techniques: Boolean search, LinkedIn, Github, contacts finders.
2. Great written skills in English, Ukrainian, Russian, and able to write interesting concise messages.
3. Extremely high EQ: you can quickly identify the most personal thing in a candidate’s profile and write a message “clicking” with it.
4. Own your work and hate micromanagement:
— Communicate well which resources you need to execute a task;
— Give clear estimates;
— Communicate on time if something is not working.
5. Thriving in a startup environment.

1. Meaningful work: you won’t be “closing vacancies”, you will be impacting the most mission-driven companies in the world by finding A-Players for them.
2. Fair play: our recruiters and sourcers don’t make the most money (yet!) but they get the highest % of company checks on the market.
3. Unique people around you: we are all about choosing who to work with.
4. Full transparency: we have an open budget, so you’ll know all the company’s income and expenses (including salaries and bonuses of each team member).
5. Entrepreneurial experience: we are building the company together, so there is huge room to implement your most ambitious ideas!

1. Source A-Players:
— Dive deep into our clients’ products, culture, and hiring needs; use this info to build your sourcing strategy
— Brainstorm with the team on the most efficient ways to find the best-fit A-Players
— Use our A-Players Sourcing Script to identify potential top-performers from the ocean of talent and add them to our DB
— Reach out to potential A-Players with personal messages
— Find creative ways to connect with the most talented people (usually not through cold sourcing)
— Connect potential A-Players with our Talent Partners
— Join interviews to learn more about clients/roles (optional)
2. Join calls with potential clients and provide your feedback on “client fit” (we don’t “give you” clients, we make a team decision on taking them).
3. Constantly learn the market and adjust your sourcing strategies (ex. which companies have the highest hiring bar or other “concentrated places” of A-Players).
4. Constantly improve our sourcing processes and the A-Players Sourcing Script.
5. Bring ideas on company growth. We are not looking for people with an “employee” mindset, we are looking for people with an “owner” mindset.

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