Senior Core Game Designer Full-time

Strikerz Inc. is a videogame-creating collective and an international gaming brand launched in 2016 by a handful of people involved with online football. Currently, there are 250+ of us spread over 5 regional offices in various locations across Europe or working from home (yes, we love it too). Strikerz Inc. is the force behind the UFL, the ongoing online football videogame revolution. Being fans, we aim at offering our players an unprecedented gaming experience available on all major platforms.

What are you working on?
  • The name of the project(s): UFL
  • Genres: Simulation, Sports
  • Platforms: Console
For which tasks (responsibilities)?

We are looking for a Senior Game Designer to boost the Core Gameplay Team. The team is working on the heart of the game, designing ideas for smooth functionality and breathtaking gaming experiences for every UFL player.


  • Establish and own the design and vision for UFL initiatives to meet crucial player engagement metrics.

  • Collaborate with Design, Development, and Business teams to identify features, content, and initiatives aligning with project goals, ensuring player satisfaction, and maintaining overall game health.

  • Collaborate with Development and Business team members to identify, prioritize, assign, and evaluate design work.

  • Work alongside Development and Design teams to create clear documentation for initiatives.

  • Foster the growth and oversee internal designers, providing guidance and feedback on design.

  • Act as the UFL design visionary, guiding and aligning implementation efforts, obtaining feedback on new features, and collaborating on improvements.

  • Design game mechanics/features for the UFL project (football simulator).

  • Conduct product quality control for developed features and participate in their acceptance into the product.

  • Research console games in the market and analyze their successful solutions.

What kind of professional are we looking for?
  • A wealth of 6+ years of hands-on game design experience within professional game studios.

  • Practical expertise in crafting console games, with a preference for sports simulators.

  • Demonstrated ability to conceptualize and execute innovative game mechanics.

  • Proficiency in analyzing console games to discern successful mechanics and concepts.

  • Proven track record in product quality control and acceptance of developed features in the final product.

  • Experience working adeptly with Unreal Engine and Blueprints.

What is important for us in a person?
  • Hands-on experience prototyping in-engine with any commercial game engine.

  • In-depth understanding and passion for football culture, rules, and the mechanics of football simulators.

  • Analytical skills for scrutinizing football simulators and other games, applying acquired experience to individual work.

  • Effective collaboration with team members, including programmers, testers, artists, and sound designers.

  • Experience in testing and adapting mechanics to align with console features and requirements.

  • Background in researching console games in the market and dissecting their successful solutions.

  • Active participation in the development of a AAA console product.

  • Design involvement in two or more commercially released games on any platform.

  • Experience in designing for live "as a service" games.

Why do we enjoy working here?

Our team unites creative professionals who have great effort to develop a top-quality project for gaming consoles. If you possess experience in game development or are just a gamer to the core, you are welcome to be a part of our international team, where your skills and creativity will be boosted, and the possibility for growth will always be in the game!


  • Employer: Strikerz Inc.
  • Job Title: Senior Core Game Designer
  • Published: 1 month, 2 weeks ago
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