QA Test Engineer (Automation Testing) Full-time

Founded in 2014, devtodev helps developers analyze their games and apps, and delivers data-driven insights for optimizing user retention, maximizing conversions, and creating a personalized experience

For which tasks (responsibilities)?
  • Support of a cross platform testing engine (C#, Kotlin, Swift, JS)

  • Support of CI (Powershell, Groovy (Jenkins), Bash)

  • Design tests and test groups

  • Create new automated tests (C#, Kotlin, Swift, JS)

  • Maintain the current test infrastructure

  • Review of automated test results:

  • Review of automated test results:

  • fixing bugs in the tests/infrastructure

  • reporting bugs using a bug tracker

  • adaptation to changes

  • Communicate with developers, analysts, the support team

What kind of professional are we looking for?
  • Knowledge of any language: C#, Kotlin Swift, JS

  • Good knowledge of programming theory

  • Ability to read and understand someone else’s code, logs, error messages

  • Knowledge of Powershell, Bash, Jenkins, NUnit, Appium, Selenium, Unity3d, Unreal Engine

  • Experience working with Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, Android emulator, iOS simulator


  • Employer: devtodev
  • Job Title: QA Test Engineer (Automation Testing)
  • Published: 2 months ago
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