Lead Marketing Manager Full-time

Junkineering is looking for a highly skilled Lead Marketing Manager with extensive experience in marketing with a focus on the mobile gaming industry.
You will be responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies to drive user acquisition, engagement, collaboration with influencers or content creators in the gaming space and retention for mobile games.

The Marketing Manager will also oversee the planning and execution of creative marketing campaigns, manage relationships with advertising partners, and analyze and report on campaign performance. This role requires a deep understanding of the mobile games market, strong analytical skills, and a proven track record of success in marketing within the mobile games industry.

Creativity is key, as the Marketing Manager will be tasked with developing innovative marketing concepts and exploring new channels to reach potential players.
Overall, the company is seeking a Marketing Manager who is passionate about games and has a proven ability to drive user engagement and revenue growth through impactful marketing initiatives.

For which tasks (responsibilities)?

🔸 Develop and execute marketing strategies to increase player acquisition, retention, and monetization for mobile games.
🔸 Plan and oversee the implementation of marketing campaigns across various digital channels, including social media, ad networks, and email.
🔸 Analyze market trends, user data, and competitor activities to identify opportunities for growth and optimization.
🔸 Work closely with the product development team to ensure that marketing efforts align with the game’s features and value proposition.
🔸 Manage relationships with external partners, such as advertising agencies and media networks, to drive successful campaigns.
🔸Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the effectiveness of marketing initiatives and make data-driven decisions.


  • Employer: Junkineering
  • Job Title: Lead Marketing Manager
  • Published: 2 months, 2 weeks ago
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