3D Lead Artist Full-time

About Dreams Quest:

Dreams Quest is a diversified entertainment company building fantasy and dream-like content that is both breathtaking and adventurous, driving the soul to learn and explore even more.

As a games studio, we are developing an RPG open-world mobile game with a deep story and mythology and a narrative designed to give players a long journey of exploration, quests and experiences.

We are seeking passionate people who love to create new ideas, collaborate with and respect others, take ownership and responsibility for their work, are determined to find solutions, and love what they do, and have fun doing it.

For which tasks (responsibilities)?

About the Role:

As a 3D Lead Artist reporting to the Creative Director, you will be responsible for managing a team of 3D artists creating characters, environments and level designs of the game. You will be responsible for planning, task management and delivering on schedule. You will be working with the team to ensure sculpting, textures, shaders, and designs of all of the art represents the 2D concepts and where needed is ready for animation. As a lead you will also be responsible for working with senior leadership team to promote company culture

Dreams Quest is looking for a passionate and detail orientated 3D Lead Artist who has a strong grasp of colours, textures, and lighting. The role also requires experience working in 3D environments to be able to create blockouts and to work closely and collaboratively with level designers, narrative designers, 2D artists, animators and developers to ensure a high quality product is produced which meets our rigorous standards.


  • Managing the team of 3D artists and to be hands on to both produce as well as guide more junior designers

  • Expertise working in 3D modelling, textures, UV mapping, and other techniques to create graphics, visual effects, and animations for in-game assets

  • Able to review, maintain and own content pipeline

  • Able to review and provide feedback to 2D art team before accepting the work for the 3D team

  • Able to work closely with other teams members across the pipeline to ensure that models, textures, rigs and animations are meeting the expected standards

  • Experienced in creating a range of 3D art

  • Able to work with textures and shaders and blockouts, as well as able to drive improvements in the overall 3D art being created

  • Able to work with heroes, NPCs and other creatures

  • Able to work on other assets such as environments, clothing, and other equipment

  • Maintain a consistent aesthetic and technical quality across all of the assets created and delivered into the pipeline

  • Collaboration and Coordination 

    • Collaborate with other artists, designers, and engineers on our team to solve complex issues to deliver the highest quality outputs

    • Solutions focussed: anticipating, identifying and articulating areas requiring attention to mitigate risks and to develop solutions

    • Collaborate closely with the Creative Director & Leads to define and achieve visual goals, maintaining a cohesive and captivating artistic direction throughout the project.

  • Planning and Management

    • Highly skilled at managing team of artists day to day

    • Set clear team goals and communicate expected standards of creative asset quality to each individual on your team.

    • Delegate tasks and set deadlines to the team members

    • Motivate team members and guide them to improve and grow

    • Ensure positive approach to solving any conflicts or issues with individuals

  • Mentoring

    • Highly skilled at mentoring, coaching and guiding team members to ensure the successful execution of design projects.

    • Participate in team performance management reviews with HR

    • Create an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture

    • Discover training needs and provide coaching / mentoring to team

    • Suggest and organise team building activities

What kind of professional are we looking for?


  • Minimum of 5-6 years experience with preferable 2-3 years in lead role.

  • Must have worked on at least 1 (preferably 2) published games using Unity and working in a mobile gaming environment

  • Experience mentoring and coaching other artists as well as helping them to grow and develop their own skills.

  • Strong knowledge Experience with Unity 3D, Blender, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Zbrush, is a Must. Understand workflows and pipeline in between tools.

  • Understand Gray box, level art and environment art, conversion of block out to final assets.

  • Intermediate level understanding of character, rigging and animation is required.

  • Understanding of colours, their usage and how to create dynamic and appealing textures, styles and visuals

  • Understanding of version control of assets.

  • Ability to self-manage your time and work, meeting or exceeding deadlines

  • Open and creative mind that is passionate about game concepts and innovative to create new concepts and ideas to make gameplay exciting

  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with weekly builds. Preferably with experience working in Agile prototyping and building.

  • Proficient in English


  • Employer: Dreams Quest
  • Job Title: 3D Lead Artist
  • Published: 3 months, 2 weeks ago
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